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Too Much Noise Can Be Dangerous

Exposure to noise from the workplace and noise-induced hearing loss can be dangerous to your health according to a recent study.  Researcher’s found that workers regularly exposed to noise levels of 100 decibels had more than double the risk of being hospitalized for a workplace injury. Lead researcher, Serge-Andre Girard said that, “exposure to high […]

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Can Hearing Loss Impact Your Personality?

In a study supported by the National Institute of Health and published in Feb 2014, Journal of Personality it was determined that hearing loss among older adults leaves a deep impact on their personality. The researchers studied 400 people in the age group of 80-98 over a period of six years. The team investigated a change […]

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What is an Open Fit Hearing Aid?

Open fit hearing aids are small behind-the-ear type devices. There are two different types of open ear mini-BTEs: those with the speaker (receiver) in the ear and those with the receiver in the aid. How Does an Open Fit Hearing Aid Work? Sound travels from the instrument through a small tube or wire to a […]

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Spring Allergies and Hearing Loss

The worst winter in years for many regions of the country is about to give way to the worst allergy season.  Allergists are predicting a long, uncomfortable spring for allergy sufferers in because of the below average temperatures and higher-than-average snow/rain fall totals. Allergies are defined as an abnormal reaction of the body to a […]

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